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Date Submitted: 09/03/2021 06:36 PM

AAWOOD film coated plywood production process

Film-coated plywood is made from thin layers of wood that are bonded together with 100% WBP  Phenolic  water-resistant specialized glue by hot pressing method at a temperature of 125oC  140oC. The surface of the board is covered with 1 sided or 2 sided Stora enso film.

Film faced plywood production process:

Step 1: Drying the padding

Although it has undergone many drying sessions, if it is natural wood, it always has a moisture content of 35-45%, so it is necessary to conduct the drying process. help enhance bearing capacity, water resistance and better durability in harsh environmental conditions.

Step 2: Plank

After being sliced ​​very thin, the wood boards are dried and glued, they will be arranged perpendicularly in the direction of the wood grain of each layer so that the cutting process will not break the grain as well as increase their elasticity.

Step 3: Cold pressed and hot pressed

This is an important process that improves the shaping as well as the connection between the plywood fibers of the film-coated plywood and is hot pressed to produce sturdy, water-resistant, and impact-resistant plywood sheets. sustainable over time

Step 4: Sanding and cutting the edge of the wood board

After being sanded, the wood plank will be cut to the specified dimensions of 1220 x 2440 mm .


Step 5: Cover with Phenolic film

Coated with Phenolic glue for waterproofing, creating a shiny, smooth and scratch-resistant surface when in contact with all surrounding objects, bringing quality to the product during construction.

Step 6: Treat and paint the edge

4 edges of film-coated plywood are painted with water-resistant paint to waterproof the product and increase the water resistance of wood plywood.

Step 7: pack the product

After the product is completed and counted, it will be packed and protected against moisture and scratches before being shipped. Plywood will be carefully transported to the base of the building according to the customer's request