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Date Submitted: 09/03/2021 06:37 PM


Preserving film-coated formwork plywood to keep its good quality for a long time is the desire of any construction engineer. If you do not know how, please immediately refer to the following simple but effective maintenance tips of AAWOOD !

Film-coated formwork plywood is made up of 3 basic parts: the core of the board (wooden panels), the bonding glue and the surface film. To preserve film-coated formwork plywood effectively, it is necessary to pay attention to all three components above.

For plank surface

Although the plywood surface is covered with glued paper film, it is very waterproof, scratch-resistant and adheres well, but we should not be subjective. It is best to repair the formwork before storing it, and always take care to keep the surface clean. In dusty and humid conditions, the board should not be placed directly on the ground, but should be placed a certain distance away from the ground. At the same time, use a water-resistant cover to cover the entire board area, avoiding the risk of the board getting wet or dusty. If unfortunately the board is wet, do not try to find a way to make it dry immediately, letting the board dry slowly will help minimize the damage of the board to the minimum.

For plank edges

Usually, before being put on the market, plywood has been covered with glue to seal the edges to prevent water. However, if during the construction process, the edge of the board has been cut, it is necessary to re-coat the edges with glue or waterproof paint as soon as possible, because it is only needed from a small surface area such as the edge. Wet boards can also damage the whole board.

Also, pay close attention and don't overlook the small holes in the edge of the board. If you omit them, it is likely that water will gradually seep from these holes, causing the board to swell and be of poor quality.

Clean planks regularly

To preserve film-coated formwork plywood, you should definitely not skip the cleaning step. Long-term stains will definitely affect the quality of the formwork. Clean regularly with soft cloths and mild detergents. In addition, you can use a brush and filtered water, but be careful not to scratch or adversely affect the coating film on the outside of the plywood.

Hopefully with our above film-coated formwork maintenance tips will help you ensure the quality of plywood for many projects in the future. In addition to the ways described, please note to store the boards in dry, ventilated conditions to keep the quality stable.