Warranty Policy

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Warranty Policy
Date Submitted: 26/04/2021 10:22 PM

During use, if you encounter any problems or user errors, you can directly contact the company's customer care center or the company's consulting team for help. .

- Fix errors, problems occur. Depending on the degree of damage, the company will have a warranty and maintenance policy with a part of the cost supported.
Warranty terms:
– The product is warranted for free if the product has a warranty period calculated from the time of signing for acceptance.
– The warranty period is stated in the CONTRACT and in accordance with the company's regulations for all technical problems of the product.

Cases not covered by warranty
– The product has expired the warranty stated in the contract or lost the contract.
– The contract is torn, overwritten or modified or erased.
The contract does not specify the date of product acceptance.
– The products are changed compared to the original structure.
– Customers arbitrarily repair when the product has a problem without notifying the company.
Cases of damage due to improper use or broken, broken, scratched, mechanically deformed products due to user's fault
– Products affected by natural disasters.


– Warranty and maintenance do not include shipping and delivery costs.

aawood.vn is committed to implementing the warranty and maintenance policy in the most serious and dedicated way. For any questions, complaints and product warranty and maintenance contact, customers can contact us directly via:
Address: Y1-Y2-Y3-Y4 Hong Linh, Ward 15, District 10, HCM
Hotline: 0814441144
Email: sale@aawood.vn  (please specify the content to be warranted – issue order number or contract number).