Shipping Policy

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Shipping Policy
Date Submitted: 26/04/2021 10:19 PM

1. Subjects of application

Shipping policy is applied by AAWOOD CO., LTD to all customers who want to buy and deliver directly at home.


2. Application form

Free delivery within Ho Chi Minh City


For suburban areas, delivery costs will be calculated according to the delivery party's regulations. This cost will always be informed and confirmed with the customer before payment.


3. Delivery time

Delivery time is from 1 to 3 days depending on geographical distance. With some objective cases such as vehicle damage, adverse weather, traffic conditions, etc., the delivery time will change, we will notify customers soon for information.


4. Responsibility for goods transported

When receiving the goods, please check carefully and receive them carefully. If damage is found, please notify us. After signing for receipt, the customer will be fully responsible for his goods.


During the transportation of goods, if there is loss or damage, we will be responsible for handling.


5. Other conditions

Customers please pay the costs of tolls, parking during the transportation of goods.


AAWOOD CO., LTD only delivers goods to the person who buys the product in his/her name. In case there is a change, confirmation or authorization letter of the customer is required.


In case the address is not clear, the alley is difficult to travel or the mountainous area is dangerous, we would like to refuse to deliver the goods to ensure the safety of people and goods.


If during the transportation process, we do not deliver to the destination or longer than the scheduled time due to natural disasters, floods, damage to the ferry bridge, etc. We hope for your understanding, we will not be responsible for compensation. usually in this case.


If the customer places an order and requires shipping but does not receive the goods, please pay the shipping costs incurred