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Today most of the construction works need to use concrete, but the problem here is that the concrete surface must ensure aesthetics as well as quality. This is a rather hot issue in recent years in the construction industry. The only solution is that we use film-coated plywood to ensure the above factors. Film-coated plywood fully converges what the contractor as well as the homeowner needs them. With these outstanding advantages, it will certainly not disappoint the expectations of the workers and contractors. Here are some reasons why you should choose a film-coated wood plank system to achieve the highest performance that contractors should choose for the construction process.

The most convincing reasons for film-coated plywood

18mm . Film Coated Plywood

Film-coated plywood with guaranteed cheap price

The first criterion that the contractor counts is their price, because they are made of wood, so the price is extremely cheap. Compared with other types of formwork such as steel formwork, aluminum formwork, plastic formwork, etc., this system is highly appreciated for its relatively soft price, only 1/5 compared to ordinary wooden formwork as well as very cheap price compared to other materials. other metal materials.

Plywood helps to reduce material loss

If we use other types of formwork such as close to steel, the film-coated plywood formwork will completely retain the poured concrete without flowing out as well as forming an extremely solid fixed mold. After pouring dry concrete, we can proceed to roll paint immediately without plastering again to waste time and materials.

Ensure aesthetics when using plywood

Because they are made of plywood and are more special with this type of plywood thanks to the outer layer of phenolic glue laminated paper, they are very waterproof, and at the same time create a smooth, smooth surface that is resistant to stains or scratches. scratch without needing to re-grouting

Easy to transport

Easy to install and very aesthetic with plywood

Thanks to its light weight and good adhesion resistance, film coated plywood does not stick to the surface of the board after the concreting process. Therefore, the weight of the board is usually kept the same or changed very little. As a result, they are easy to disassemble and still transfer safely and easily

Easy to construct

With the special feature of having a film layer, they are very easy to construct, especially in high-altitude works, if using ordinary formwork, it will be very complicated. If we do construction at civil housing projects, the columns will be very close to the position of the adjacent wall, so only 3 sides can be grafted if using composite wood, it is difficult to be accurate. If using a set of poles of film-coated plywood that can slide up and down along the column, it helps to reduce the time of molding and pouring concrete and can accurately match 3 sides of the formwork.

Plywood is sustainable over time

According to the experience of the skilled workers as well as the calculations of the designers, the film-coated plywood formwork can be used up to 8-10 times. What's even more impressive is that this formwork is made from processed wood planks, so it can overcome the phenomenon of warping and cracking compared to natural wood formwork.

You need to consider before making a plan to choose formwork to pour concrete for your project. There is nothing left to think about, pick up the phone and call us right away for the most specific advice as well as expert advice on how to use it most economically.