Criteria for selection of film-coated Plywood

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Criteria for selection of film-coated Plywood
Date Submitted: 21/04/2021 06:24 PM


The perfection of a construction comes from the quality of the building materials. In which, it is impossible not to mention film-coated plywood, it is one of the indispensable components in making floors, concrete.. and buying options is also extremely important. However, each project requires a different type of film-coated plywood so this requires the buyer to be knowledgeable about it. Hope the article below can help you in your buying process

With many years of experience in manufacturing and exporting film-coated plywood products and supplying materials for large and small contractors, we have accumulated a lot of experience when choosing quality products to ensure the right of our customers. customer benefit.

Film-coated plywood - an important material in the selection of building materials

Currently, thanks to many outstanding features, film-coated plywood is mainly applied in the construction field such as during the concreting process, it can make floors, columns, braces, pillars ...

In construction projects, when using film-coated plywood, contractors will often be interested in efficiency by calculating how many times it can be reused? Is it really suitable for investment resources? Is it suitable with the characteristics of the building under construction?

Therefore, understanding the overview of the project under construction is extremely important to choose the right film-coated plywood in terms of both quality and quantity.

Criteria for choosing film-coated plywood 

Currently, usually people buying film-coated plywood only choose according to 3 criteria: glue, board core, film surface. However, with many years of experience, choosing film-coated plywood is not simple in the three factors mentioned above but also in many other factors such as: size of board, edge of board, thickness.


         -  Standard size: 1,220 x 2,440 mm

         -  Standard thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm

         -  Edge of the board: Need to be sealed and sprayed with water-resistant paint on the surface

         -  Width, length: allow error with standard size 1 mm

         -   Diagonal: To ensure the perpendicularity of the board, the deviation of the two diagonals is 1.0 mm


Common mistakes when choosing to buy film-coated plywood

The production process of film-coated plywood has many stages, so errors cannot be avoided because there are many stages that must be done manually, so the common errors are:

- Film-coated plywood is not thick enough (lack of glass)
- Curved, warped.
-The quality of the wood surface meets the requirements: no sanding, no baits, patching holes, moldy surfaces...
- Aviation is hard and sharp.
- The glue is not of good quality.
- Poor quality padding.

  With the experience shared above, AAWOOD hope that you will understand somewhat and know how to choose better quality film-coated plywood. In addition, choosing a reputable supplier and production facility is also an important criterion in purchasing. With its reputation as well as many years of experience, AAWOOD  is probably a reliable choice for you.